Fuvahmulah Ring Road Concept

Initial design of Fuvahmulah Ring Road (Link Road) done in 2002 had a carriage way bordered by hard shoulders for parking and emergency stops. Pedestrian paths were separated from hard shoulders by planting strip which Read more…


Vice President meets OneFuvahmulah

Today we had a meeting with Vice President Honorable Faisal Naseem. The meeting was held today at the President’s Office. Vice President was briefed on OneFuvahmulah’s activities over the past years, especially in the area Read more…


OneFuvahmulah Meets Indian Ambassador

OneFuvahmulah today met Ambassador of Indian to Maldives His Excellency Akhilesh Mishra. We discussed on the possible ways of assistance that the Indian High Commission can extend to OneFuvahmulah.