Initial design of Fuvahmulah Ring Road (Link Road) done in 2002 had a carriage way bordered by hard shoulders for parking and emergency stops. Pedestrian paths were separated from hard shoulders by planting strip which acted as a drainage point as well.

Initial Design of Link (Ring) Road 2002

However, during construction in 2018, this design was changed removing planting strips and road shoulders. Planting strip (which acted as a drainage) was replaced by a trench drainage system.

Issues with current design:

  • No hard shoulder or dedicated parking
  • No planting strips
  • Drainage system could become a place for mosquito breeding. This is happening in islands with similar drainage systems
  • Drainage system could cause ground water pollution
  • A costlier drainage system (both to construct and maintain)
  • Less road aesthetics and greenery

We believe the initial design is the best option. The proposed concept here is based on that, with some minor changes. We request relevant authorities to review the design and consider the changes proposed.



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